Scare in the Air

I love travelling. So does my hubby. So we both make it a point to travel every 3 months since we got married. It all feels so hunky dory that two people meet, share same interest and pursue it. However there is a twist in the tale. Whenever we plan travel, I try my best( unless its a travel over the seas) that we either take a train or hire a CAR and driver. Given that both of us are in IT, we usually get max two weeks worth of leaves at one go. So to utilize it in efficient way, hubby dear always tries to convince me to take a flight. Me despite being fully aware of the problems of availability of train tickets and driving condition of roads, always try to avoid flights :).

Not only travel for pleasure, I don’t know why, whichever company I join, my bosses immediately plan a travel or two for me. Either when I was in Bangalore, or now in Pune, due to some or the other official reason my trips get planned. I remember joining a company in Bangalore, where every month I had to travel to Pune, it’s HQ. My fear of flying was one of the reason I decided to quit.

I remember my trip back from Mauritius, our flight was above the Indian Ocean and suddenly it started shaking violently. I imagined all sorts of events in those scariest 15 minutes. Holding my hubby’s hand I closed my eyes and started thinking that what will happen if we hit the ocean bed and water starts gushing in. There was a girl sitting behind me. She started crying loudly making things worse. The pilot made some announcements but I was so scared, didn’t hear a thing. Mumbai seemed so far off in the in-flight map. I was never so happy, seeing the city lights after 30 minutes.

I had to travel to US once during winter season. It was my first trip overseas and I was really excited. Minutes after the plain took off, I felt sharp pain in my ears. I was not carrying any ear plugs/buds with me. The pain became so unbearable that my eyes got filled with tears. The passenger sitting next to me, got really concerned and tried to help me. He asked what I need and I signaled him to call the air hostess. He obliged. Air hostess was not carrying any cotton buds etc but she started giving me candy/drinks telling that it will help. The pain eased in next 10 minutes, once the air pressure became normal, but till date it makes me shiver. I make it a point to carry ear plugs whenever I am on flight or try my best to avoid it altogether.

I don’t know why I am so scared of turbulence, whereas some people sleep all through it or remain oblivious to it like my younger bro. I feel so happy whenever we plan any overseas trip but at the same time my heart starts doing somersault at the very thought of long flight. Love for travelling and fear of flights don’t gel well. Not sure who will win, my fear or my passion. Do write your experience with scare in air if any :). Till then Happy Weekend.





Mere Saamne Wali Khidki Me

Neighbors are an integral part of our life while living in any society. I too have a varied group of neighbors sharing the same floor of my building.

Just next to my flat lives a gang of four beautiful independent girls. I met them on my first day in this society. I just had my stuff delivered to my apartment by movers and packers from Bangalore. I was busy arranging them and hubby dear was busy calling our water filter customer care so that they can come and install. They agreed to come next day as it was already quite late. Soon i realized that we may need drinking water for the night. I was not having any number of any shop that could supply water this late. Suddenly the idea came to my mind that why not get two bottles filled from any neighbors house. Immediately i opened my door and tried the first flat that was nearest. The door was opened and one girl was standing outside the gate. She was not looking happy from her face. By the time i reached the gate I realized a full blown girl fight is going on. Inside the gate was an equally furious girl who was shouting “jao nahi deti tumari deposit. Jo karna ho kar lo”. The girl standing outside the gate said “I will call Ravi. He will deal with you”. The other girl retorted “I am not scared of your boyfriend. call whosoever you want”. In between all this fight, I just kept miserably standing not knowing what to do as the third girl standing inside has already seen me by then. Suddenly she faced me and said. Hi you came today. and I just murmured and showed her the two bottles that I had in my hand. She asked you need water? I came out of my trance and said yes. She immediately took the bottles and went to the kitchen and filled them. I uttered thanks and literally ran back to my apartment. By the two excruciating minutes that took to fill the bottles, both the girls were silent and looked embarrassed. Once inside my apartment I couldn’t stop laughing and simultaneously feeling relaxed that I am out of an uncomfortable situation. I still meet those girls occasionally. Sometimes they give my address to courier delivering guy and i collect and give them the next day to the profusely thanking girls. They always hold the lift gate for me if we both come out of our flats at the same time. But they still seem embarrassed due to the event that unfolded that day :).

Opposite to my flat lives a super rich, imported car owning business family. My first encounter with them is equally interesting. I had just applied for renewal of my passport. I had to give the details of two neighbors in the form. I was so desperate for a new password having it being rejected 3 months back in Bangalore that I had decided that this time I will make everything perfect before I apply. I went and rang the bell at my neighbors. The door opened. One simple looking thin lady came out with question mark on her face. I stammered not being sure what their reaction will be to give details to someone who has just come to the society. I could see that inside one businessman looking gentleman was having his lunch. I somehow mustered courage and told them that i need their details for passport. The lady was unimpressed. But before she could say anything, the gentleman inside suddenly left his lunch and said wait madam to me. He washed his hand went inside and came back with a copy of his passport. He gave it to me with all his details and also told me that let him know if any further help is required. I was thrilled to bits to find such awesome people. I am now on good terms with the lady of the house and we keep interacting on regular basis.

Far right from my flat is another sweet little family of four. Wife, husband and two sweet kids. The lady is extremely pretty and very nice to talk to. One day after some puja at my home, i went to give prasadam to them. To my surprise an old lady opened the door. The lady of the house was nowhere to be seen. I gave her the dabba and said prasad mam aaj puja hui hamare yahan. She took the dabba and invited me to come inside. I said i will come some other time but the old lady requested again. please come inside beta. I couldn’t say no this time. I went inside. Two well behaved kids were playing there. The little girl immediately went and got a glass of water for me with a smile. I was impressed by this act. The old lady was nowhere to be seen. She came back with my dabba and returned me and said ye lo beta. I took the dabba and inquired about the lady who lives there. She said she has gone outside for some work. Shall I call and ask when she will be back. I said no no. I just casually asked. i will meet her some other time. After finishing my glass of water i excused my self saying that i will come again sometime as right now I have some work. Once i came home, i opened the dabba to keep it for cleaning, i was hit with a delicious aroma of sweets. To my surprise, homemade laddus were inside the dabba. Now i realized the fragrance i felt in their house and why the amma disappeared for sometime. The laddus were still warm. The old lady had been preparing them when i went to their house. I can say that the laddus were extremely tasty and inspired me to learn the recipe.

To summarize and say the least all my further interactions with this set of people were always brief and nice. I will remember them no matter wherever I go, the way I do remember my neighbors from other places. People reading this post share your experience in comments with neighbors and always treat them well 🙂




Those were the days

As we grow old, we keep reminiscing about the time gone by. This seems to be certainly the case with me. I am in my thirties and I can’t help but think about my past habits, old friends, old lifestyle. Whenever I have unusually free time, I get to think about life in general.

Today being sunday, I was completely free. So even though i have the services of a regular cook, and live in an area where good food is just few clicks away, suddenly i got cravings of the mix-veg pulav (rice dish) that I use to make very frequently during my Bangalore days. I used to come back from office tired and hungry and the tasty and easy and quick dish that I used to cook was this pulav. Let me clarify, it is a very simple recipe and uses a lot of ghee and carbs, still I just wanted to eat that today.

I told my hubby dear that I am hungry and he promptly offered to order something or take me to some restaurant. I told him about this pulav dish and that how much I want to eat it today. He said that just after marriage I fed him this dish once and he liked it. Immediately I started the preparations and in 30 mins the food was ready to be served.We had our early dinner and as usual hubby dear liked it(He likes whatever I cook). I felt immensely happy after eating this dish after close to 4+ years.

Why do we get so attached to our younger self. Although our younger version seems so disorganized now, and yet it seems so alluring. I used to make this dish for my friends as well. They used to like it. I don’t know if they remember this dish anymore. I certainly remember the time I spent in the Indian silicone valley with friends. I can’t imagine eating this dish almost every other day now, yet I had the strongest of urge to eat it today.

Does it happen with others also? What do people miss from their older life? I asked my hubby that is there anything he misses from his old days. His answer was negative 🙂 .If anybody is reading this do let me know your thoughts regarding this topic. Hopefully this post triggers some old memories for the people reading it. Even though I miss my old life sometimes it’s equally true that I love my current life and look towards future to make more such memories.

Enjoy the sunday people. I will be back soon.